Handmade Artisan Pies, Coffee, & Teas

Inspired by European culinary excellence and the warm inviting appeal of reclaimed wood, metal and glass similar to a Northwest cafe, Republic of Pie + Coffee has found a home nestled in the heart of the NoHo Arts District. "The Republic" was intuitively born from a love of baking, a passion for coffee and a strong sense of community.

Every morning our bakers prepare fresh baked sweet and savory pies, scones, shortbread delights, and bundles of joy before your eyes in our display bakery. Our highly trained barista's continually challenge themselves while chasing the perfectly extracted shot of espresso, and relish the opportunity to engage conversation while creating siphon brews and pour overs. Adding to the unique coffee shop ambiance we also enjoy hosting a variety of local talents including some of the area’s fastest-rising singers and songwriters.

We invite you to stop by, 7 days a week, not only for a rich latte that will inspire your next 
bestselling novel, or for a slice of mouthwatering deep dish apple pie that will evoke your most poignant childhood memories, but for an opportunity to relax, try new flavors, visit with friends and neighbors and experience the best of what the NoHo arts district has to offer.

This is your third place - Welcome to "The Republic"


"There’s home and there’s work. What’s the in-between? Created from a love of baking, passion for coffee and a strong sense of community, The Republic was created to fill that third place. It’s where people come to enjoy handmade sweet and savory pies, pastries and much more. It’s where you can expect quality espresso pulled from the likes of Stumptown Coffee Beans and the skillful latte art that is almost too pretty to drink. It’s a place to discover new ways to enjoy coffee with siphon brews and pour over offerings. It’s a venue that hosts a variety of local talents including singers, songwriters and artists. It’s an opportunity to relax, have meetings, visit with friends and connect with neighbors. This is a true, locally-owned hangout loved by the community and visitors alike." 

- Joy Bitonio, CBS L.A. Click here to read the article!

May 9, 2013

"Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Ronnie Kroell. Republic of Pie has become my home away from home over the past few months. I genuinely enjoy the atmosphere, the food, and the excellent customer service; specifically the kindness and attentiveness from Helton Najera.

I'm thankful to have this special place to relax, do work, and enjoy some of the best pot pie I've ever had (I grew up in the mid-west, so I've eaten many a pot pie in my day). It's my pleasure to support such a hip, fun, and comfortable neighborhood hot spot! I wish you nothing but continued success with the business.

Warmly, Ronnie Kroell                                  

March 15, 2013


  • Live "Pie"-formances

    "I heard you guys are the new hot spot." -- Steffen Russell

    A warm orange glow envelops an intimate yet attention grabbing stage, showcasing a myriad of artists every night of the week. The aroma of coffee and warm pies pairs with the melodic singing of local musicians, echoing through the walls glimmering with dangling lights sparkling in rhythm. News about Republic of Pie's music scene has been spreading like wild fire, stretching around Noho and even all the way to Santa Monica and beyond! Even touring artists from out of state are hearing that Republic of Pie is the new place to play! Artists have come all the way from Massachusetts, Alabama, Texas, and even Michigan on to the stage.

    In an effort to support local and new upcoming art, Republic of Pie has opened its doors wider than ever before to up and coming musicians, showcasing their work every night and bringing big city variety and talent to your neighborhood pie house. With no cover charge or minimum audience requirement, both artists and audience alike can breathe easy and revel in the stress free environment focused on bringing good music, good people, and good food together.

    The live performance schedule can be found right here on this website! To the right, under "Upcoming Events", you can see the whole week's line-up of talented artists. Artists that are interested in performing need only send over a demo of their work to livemusicmonday@gmail.com. Perhaps you will be the next one featured on our stage! 

    "Being a part of the burgeoning art scene in North Hollywood is so exciting, and I see Republic of Pie sitting at the heart of it. I have had the honor of playing a weekly residency there for nearly two years, and it has been absolutely incredible to see this tiny little pie boutique transform into the music/art hub that it has become. Having played all over Hollywood, I can honestly say I have never been treated better than at Republic of Pie. From the charming baristas to the wonderfully helpful booking girl, this place has treated me like family. Republic of Pie is simply the best!"
    --Sean Giddings


  • A New Year, a new Republic of Pie!

    With this new year upon us, we are also bringing in new changes to Republic of Pie! 

    For all you early birds, you'll be happy to know that we now open at 7:00am! Don't worry night owls, we have extended our Sunday night hours too, staying open until 10:00pm! We're also introducing a new Grilled Chicken California Wrap to our menu! Delicious grilled chicken, pico de gallo, mozzarella, avocado, and Jack Sauce all grilled and wrapped to perfection. Many new things to come, stay tuned! Make sure to take a glance at our facebook and twitter pages for upcoming contests, promotions and other opportunities and you could get a free coffee or slice of pie! 

    Also, don't forget to email livemusicmonday@gmail.com if you're interested in performing at Republic of Pie! Show slots are filling up fast! 

  • Latte Art

    "Oh, it looks so pretty!"

    These are words you hear often at the end of the barista bar. Whether customers look at their cup and see a squiggle, or a Rosetta, or even a teddy bear, they always seem to notice how "pretty" it is.

    Well, you can not have latte art without having two important elements. Latte art is composed of the crema from the espresso and perfectly stretched micro-foam. Once you have both elements you should be able to create beautiful latte art.

    With all good art, comes form and technique. This comes with the simple motion your wrist makes. To tight and you get giant globs; to relaxed and it gets all over the place. And Latte art isn't like riding a bike, the biggest problem you face is consistency. As a barista you strive to make sure that every customer gets a heart or a Rosetta, at they very least. 

    Now, if you wanna see the best of the best, then you are in luck. Come down to our very own Republic of Pie on next Thursday Sept 12 for the Southern California Latte Art competition.

    Check back to our site for more details in the coming week!!

  • "Your medium is 8oz? Then make it a large..."

    The Arts District in North Hollywood is the perfect spot to people watch. You'll see a lot of the same people and just as many new people in just an hour's time. Some of them are Republic of Pie regulars, some just had their first slice of pie heaven, and others are just about to experience the best dirty chai latte of their life. 

    We've all had that feeling at one time, taking in the rustic wood sights, the fresh pastries stacked inside and out of the lit pastry cases, the scent of just brewed coffee fills the air, a man in a white coat with the RoP logo stitched on it hurries by with two beautiful slices of pie topped with that homemade whipped cream... "Mmm one of those will be mine in about 10 minutes" you think to yourself. You're greeted at the register by a friendly, young man with an impressive red beard and it's time to order. Keeping it relatively safe, you order a medium latte... not too big, not too small, to test the waters of this new place without asking too many questions. "Have you been here before?" he asks. Oh no! He saw right through my confident order placement... he knoooows! "Nope, this is my first time here! I've heard so much about this place and I just had to come check it out!" you say. "Fantastic! Welcome! I just want to show you our sizes real quick," he holds up two cups, one that looks the size of a small at your old corporate coffee place, and one even smaller "our medium is 8 ounces and our large is 10." Slightly shocked, you decide on a large instead. 

    As a barista, this is a common daily occurrence, but why? I'm first going to attribute it to the massive portion sizes that Americans are used to (didn't New York just ban Big Gulps?) I grew up in the U.S. and never noticed that it was unusual until an Aussie friend told me "I never finish anything I order out here. I order a small and it's still the size of a large back home!" What most new customers don't realize is that you've been trained to focus on the physical size of the cup and not the quality inside. From day one, my training as a barista at Republic of Pie has been to produce "The God Shot," (which is a blog post for another time but in short is another name for THE PERFECT espresso shot) to understand the best ratio of beans, the grind, the amount of water, water pressure, the amount of espresso produced when those elements are all put together... the amount of crema to body in the shot... you get the idea. Every drink made behind the bar is an attempt at including this perfect shot. 

    Alright, you understand the basis behind the shot itself, but why is the entire drink still so small in comparison to the foot tall ones at that other store? Well, are you drinking the latte for the milk or the coffee? (Here's a secret, that 50ouncer from that other place still has only 2 shots in it.) That 10oz cup you just ordered was made by a highly trained barista, has 2 shots of dialed in, hand tamped espresso, and the rest is perfectly steamed milk topped with real life, hand poured, latte art. The same techniques apply to any drinks you order from us, it might take a little longer than you're used to, might be a little smaller than you're used to, (if you're American) but we're giving you the highest quality we can give. I used to be the one to order those huge drinks elsewhere, until I was shown that I was really ordering for the sugary milky-ness with a hint of coffee... and now, when Helton pulls me a shot, I don't even want to put anything in it. 

    You're probably reading this because you've already experienced our beverages, or pie, or ambiance... maybe already went through the "the drinks are so small" phase, or you could be a future regular (Hi! Thanks for reading this blog!) but I hope this gives you a little bit of insight to our goals. Quality, not quantity, and just grazing the surface of the real art and science to producing a great espresso drink. 

  • Cool Beans! Iced Coffee vs. Cold Brew

    It's a hot day in North Hollywood and you're craving something cold and caffeinated, so you head on down to your favorite spot - Republic of Pie. On the menu, you see Iced Coffee AND NoHo Cold Brew... What's the difference?

    The difference is in the process the coffee goes through from whole bean until it reaches the ice in your glass. 

    When we make you an iced coffee, it starts out just as a hot pour over coffee would. We will grind the best beans from around the world to the perfect size and using a pour over filter system, it is brewed with hot water. The resulting hot brew is then poured over ice. 

    The NoHo Cold Brew is specific to Republic of Pie. Those same beans are ground to the perfect size and are introduced to cold water where they brew for a whopping 24 hours! Brewing in cold water minimizes the coffee's acidity and lets its natural sweetness shine. 

    So, there you go! Two different tastes and two different drinks to cool you down.

    "I love the cold brew! 

    It's great as is, but I like to add a splash of vanilla and cream to make MY perfect drink!"

    - Anna, Republic of Pie Barista


  • Live Web Site

    Many THANKS to Graeme Swift for helping us finally put together a website worthy of functional display! This is our first blog post which in the future will find us holding court on a variety of subjects ranging from pie and coffee (of course) to random thoughts popping in and out of our fully baked minds. Stay tuned for more fun...

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For performance opportunities including Music Monday submissions, send an email including a description, availability, and sample links to LiveMusicMonday@gmail.com

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